Saturday, 1 January 2011

DR takes a break

When I started this site up in February of 2009 I didn't really know a great deal about blogging; I always thought them to be some sort of online diary and I couldn't really ever imagine why people would want to read them. So when I went online and realised what an informative and interesting tool they can be I knew I would have to give it a go.

I also quickly decided that it would be a very general blog, with a few themes that might crop up from time to time but otherwise with no overall focus. Some blogs can be very specific, and for people interested in that particular niche they can be invaluable points of reference. I didn't go down that route for two reasons; firstly, because I lack the degree of knowledge and insight into a particular topic that makes the most successful blogs exactly that, and secondly because I wanted to use the blog as a platform to demonstrate an ability to write on a wide variety of issues. I've always harboured a fantasy to pen articles for publications but sadly that's not really become a reality yet.

But almost two years after I started it I think I need a little break from the Daily Rant. This is mainly pragmatic; as any blogger will tell you it's a time consuming exercise, and I'm currently desperately seeking gainful employment that doesn't involve simply pulling pints in a pub. Since September I've applied for around 80 jobs and have had an offer of an employment from one of those - with an estimated start time of 28 months. Things are getting a little desperate and I need to devote as much free time as possible to finding work as I can.

I also want to devote a bit more time to the trying to get something published and other little writing projects. It might never happen but if I devote some of the time and energy I currently expend on the Rant elsewhere it might finally come to pass.

So I'll be putting this on hold for a short while, although whether that'll be until I do get a proper job or if I simply can't resist the blogging bug it's hard to say. I just want to thank the few readers who stumbled this way for reading and commenting on the posts, and those other bloggers who have been inspirational and entertaining - you know who you are! I'm genuinely looking forward to rejoining you all again soon.


subrosa said...

Good luck DR.

radical royalist said...

I hope you'll find a good job. All the best!