Friday, 12 February 2010

Labour getting busy in Leeds West

Today I received my first piece of party campaign literature of the year; a newsletter from the local Labour party detailing recent activities in the locality, and introducing the party's Parliamentary Candidate for the upcoming elections, Rachel Reeves. Our current Labour MP John Battle is due to stand down - a decision made, it should be noted, before the recent expenses scandals which has been responsible for so many of our MPs deciding not to contest their seats this summer.

Labour have historically been very strong in this part of Yorkshire, and today all bar one of the city's seats is in red hands. The party also form the largest group on the city council despite the current Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition that runs local affairs so ineptly and which tarnished its reputation so spectacularly during the recent refuse collection strikes.

I've met Rachel several times and there is no question of both her dedication to the people of West Leeds and her eminent suitability as a parliamentarian. Her level and depth of involvement in local affairs is astonishing and despite the narrow gap between Labour and the Conservatives in nationwide polls I suspect she will be an extremely tough candidate to beat. I look forward to voting for her in the general election and wish her campaign team every success.

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